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My Approach
If you suffered while doing French at school, it's time to discover how enjoyable learning a new language can be; you may find that you're quite the linguist. I try to communicate my enthusiasm for the language in a light-hearted way that uses my students' own interests, hobbies and passions to bring grammar and vocabulary to life. If learning isn't enjoyable it just doesn't work. I hope that you'll laugh deep and long as well as working hard and with enthusiasm.
Lessons for Individuals and Couples
Whether you learn by yourself or as a couple it is important, before starting your course, that we discuss your level and motivation for learning French and agree a programme that is best suited to your learning style and needs. An assessment form will be sent to you as part of your New Student Pack to help us discover your strengths and highlight those areas that need further development.

I always give homework to help make the most of topics covered in the lessons. The students who progress most quickly are those who take every opportunity to speak French with neighbours and friends between lessons.

Conversation Groups
The aim of these groups is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which to practice chatting in French with other students. I give out sheets each week covering grammar points or useful expressions, and give feedback at the end of sessions addressing points of particular difficulty.

Holiday Workshops
Follow a French course tailor-made to meet your learning needs and fit in with your holiday plans.

During the summer months I offer short, intensive courses for visitors who wish to spend some of their holiday perfecting their French. Spend an hour or two learning and then enjoy putting the lessons into practice in local restaurants, bars or food markets.

I correspond with prospective students beforehand to gauge their level allowing me to put together a program that makes the most of the short time we have working together. If you're aware of gaps in your French or have particular grammatical points you want to work on, let me know so that we can plan workshops accordingly.