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Welcome, Bienvenue!
I love the French language and culture. If you're holidaying regularly in France or living here permanently, it's worthwhile learning French. It's a rich, beautiful language, and while sometimes complex, I like helping to make it easier to learn and bringing the language to life.
My teaching practice is officially registered at URSSAF (Siret No. 510 780 844 00013)

Why I teach French and English

I enjoy languages. That's not to say that I find learning them easy but the ability to communicate and connect with like-minded people has always been important to me so being able to speak with them is essential.

For me, getting to grips with a language allows me to see the world from a very different point of view to my own. The French language tells us a great deal about French people's lives, values and priorities. Teaching English to French people also helps them to see that there is more to being British than they may previously have thought. It's this affectionate exchange between our two cultures that enthuses me, with the recognition of our differences and what we have and hold in common.
Learning French with a native speaker
Those students who speak good French, perhaps to 'A' level standard, and who don't need help with grammar, should certainly try to work with a teacher who speaks French as their first language. I'd be happy to recommend one of my colleagues.
If you are not quite as advanced as that and still need a solid grounding in grammar, vocabulary and accent, then you would benefit greatly from working with an English-speaking teacher who has themselves learned French to a high standard. Only an English speaker is likely to fully understand your frustrations or difficulties.